This is a research essay. The questions listed below are designed to orient you toward a set of issues, concepts and debates. Please pick ONE question and develop an essay out of it using examples drawn from visual culture and supporting your arguments with critical theory. You may fins it helpful to use the different disciplines such as ethnography, theories of media or mass culture, histories of the avant-garde, language theory, art criticism, gaming and philosophy, to name a few.

As a basis of your research and writing, you should make use of the material I will provide you with as well as independently generated research.

An essay have to form academic from and lines of argument, be well researched and contextualised, include images as evidence, and use correct referencing system (CHICAGO!)


1.Defend the use of culture to interrogate the political and social status quo in the UK today, using critical theory and contemporary examples to support your argument.

2.How do impermanent and evolving works! of art, especially those using digital technology, change the notion of the ‘artwork’?

3.Explore the question ‘what is a medium?’ illustrating your response with examples drawn from one form of practice (professional or creative). You may wish to test what it has to offer to constructions (or understandings) of identity, history, nation and technology.

4.Select an institution through which cul
ture is mediated (e.g., the museum, the art historical canon, television, the! art market, or capitalism itself) and explore an example of subversion or rupture. You may find theorists useful here.

5.Explore an example of the use of technology in the representation of distance and proximity within visual culture.

6.Culture, not technology, is the prevailing discourse for the future. Discuss.

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