1. Read Chapter 7 in your textbook:Diane K. Whitehead; Sally A. Weiss; Ruth M. Tappen, Essentials of Nursing Leadership and Management, 5th Edition, Philadelphia: FA Davis ISBN-10: 0803622082 ISBN-13: 978-0803622081 2. Read the article by Feblinger (2008). Incivility in the Workplace 3. Answer the questions in the Discussion Forum: a) According to the article by Feblinger, when does incivility turn into bullying? b) if you witnessed an episode of bullying between two coworkers or between classmates, what would you do? Please be very sensitive to each other when answering this question. If you are relating a classmate to classmate interaction, please do not use this forum to share specifics. c)What conflicts have you noticed at your clinical sites? Were any of these conflicts caused by the circumstances noted in your text (p.93). If not what was the reason for the conflict?

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