In Part B you will submit a “working” References page containing the source or sources for your project. Use APA to create your Reference page. Additionally, if you choose to create a survey, submit your list of questions. You will also submit the data you have collected as well as the summary statistics. Be sure to include the mean and standard deviation. State the median, mode, and population proportion as appropriate. Please be sure to show your work.

Your draft should include the following:

  • Sampling: A careful description of how you obtained the samples. Be very specific. Include sample sizes, population of interest, and description of sample. Also include a copy of the survey if you used one.
  • Data: The actual data and a summary of the counts.
  • Descriptive Statistics: Any descriptive statistics relevant to your project should be included. You are required to give mean, mode, median, and standard deviation of your data (2 sets if you are doing 2 means). At least two graphs (such as box plots, scatter plots, stem-and-leaf, histograms, etc.) should be part of your project. The graphs can be a way to summarize descriptive statistics.
  • Working references.

Refer to Example B for the guidance while completing Part B.

In addition, share your thoughts on two of your classmates’ posts. Do the descriptive statistics reflect what you would have predicted? Do you have any concerns about how they gathered their data?

For more information about discussion grading criteria, visit the Undergraduate Discussion Participation Policies and Rubric page located in ECPI Resources.



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Is the mean number of nurses who like Starbuck’s coffee different from the mean number of nurses who like Dunkin Donuts coffee? There are 20 nurses only 15 responded. 9 Starbucks 6 Dunkin .

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