Final Paper Outline

There will be one online class this semester. This gives you a chance to prepare a detailed outline of your final paper (see below) that will due during the week of finals. You should have a thesis statement for the paper and a 3-level outline prepared for each paragraph/argument/concept. You also need to include 3 sources you plan on using for your final paper. Include them on a bibliography page after the outline. Both MLA and APA are acceptable formats. The outline will be submitted on the day of what would have been the night of class that week.


I NEED AN OUTLINE ABOUT CZECH REPUBLIC ECONOMIC SYSTEM like this below example, from their history to their actual economic system


Example Outline – The US Economic System

I. Introduction

a. Thesis: US began with many advantages

i. Natural resources

ii. No class system left over from feudalism

iii. Founding fathers created a nation of self-governing citizens

II. Competitive Capitalism 1815-1896

a. Private enterprise

i. Most businesses were small and labor intensive

ii. Barriers to entry low

iii. Corporations began producing goods in 1830 but stayed small until the Civil War, government contracts allowed them to grow, begin rentseeking

b. Unorganized Labor

i. Poor working conditions

ii. Unions struggled to form

c. Culture

i. Individualistic culture; Social Darwinism

ii. Sense of community growing, “art of association,” religious revivals

d. Demise of Competitive Capitalism

i. Expansion of railroads meant a national market was about to appear allowing economies of scale

ii. Unregulated businesses competed ruthlessly; overproduction and debt financing led to repeated recessions – growing disfunction

III. Organized Capitalism 1897-1932 

a. Trusts

i. Business tried to cooperate rather than compete to death

ii. Rockefeller; Carnegie; J.P. Morgan

b. Organized Labor

i. Unions continue to attempt to protect workers

ii. Little power; no government protections; immigration

c. Expanding government

i. Rise of progressivism

ii. WWI required business-government partnership

d. Demise of Organized Capitalism

i. Loose monetary policy of 1920s

ii. The Great Depression

IV. Regulated Capitalism 1933-1979

a. The New Deal

i. Belief the depression was caused by excessive competition

ii. And imbalance of power between large corporations and labor

b. Keynesian Economics

i. High wages were previously seen as threat to profitability but now seen as the source of consumption to keep the economy moving

ii. WWII required increased government spending, vindication

c. Bretton Woods

i. International agreement on currencies

ii. Increased international trade

d. Culture

i. From war to corporations, people learned to function within large groups

ii. Women in the workforce

iii. Consumerism

e. Demise of Regulated Capitalism

i. Too much government spending, broke Bretton Woods, led to inflation 

ii. Increasing foreign competition

iii. Stagflation could not be handled by Keynesian policies

V. Neoliberal Capitalism 1980-2008

a. Desire to minimize government’s role, seen as the primary cause of regulated capitalism’s problems

i. Monetarism

ii. New Classical Economics

iii. Supply Side Economics

b. Reducing government’s role

i. Deregulation

ii. Privatization 

iii. Stronger business, weaker labor

c. Demise of Neoliberal Capitalism

i. Collapse of Communism

ii. Globalization

iii. Deregulation of financial markets

iv. “Victim of its own success” – gains from increased productivity accrued by owners of capital, income inequality growing

VI. Conclusion

a. Any indications of a new direction

i. Obama’s election

ii. Party split: Republicans still neoliberal

b. Comparing the systems

i. Neoliberalism’s vision of resurrecting competitive capitalism failed because it ignored the concentration of power in the economy

ii. Institutions of regulated capitalism were removed by neoliberal

iii. Many similarities between organized and neoliberal


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