Use the Internet to read the following:

  • O’Hara, R. J. (n.d.). The Yale Report of 1828, Part I. The Collegiate Way. Retrieved from      
    • Dr. O’Hara’s introduction to his transcription of the Yale Report may be of interest as well.
  • O’Hara, R. J. (n.d.). The Yale Report of 1828, Part II. The Collegiate Way. Retrieved from


Question is below answer within 300-600 words:


Debates have ensued over the past two centuries between advocates of vocational curriculum and those who support studying the classics. In particular, the Yale Report of 1828 “functioned as both a public target for critics of American colleges, and as a sword and shield for college defenders” (O’Hara, n.d., Introduction). Consider the tenets of the Yale Report (linked above) and complete the following:

  • Identify the aspects of the Yale Report (parts I and II) that you see as closely related to current practices in philosophy, teaching, and curriculum design.      
    • Which aspects seem unrelated?
  • Make the case for the Yale Report’s premises for future curricula regardless of your personal opinion.

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