Utilizing the concepts covered in the first 3 chapters of Looking Out, Looking In, analyze an event or story from popular media where there is a miscommunication, or a problem in perception involved. You should have at least one article cited which outlines the situation you are referencing. This could include something from the political arena, from celebrity news, from social media, etc. The important thing is to select an article and a situation where there is a problem with perception or communication based on the concepts from the first 3 chapters.


Some examples of concepts that could be covered are:


CH. 1: Physical, Identity, Social Needs; Practical Goals, Communications Principles & Misconceptions


CH. 2: Self-Concept; Culture, Gender, and Identity; Public and Private Selves; Identity Management and self disclosure


CH. 3: The Perception Process; Influences on Perception; Common Tendencies in Perception; Perception Checking; Empathy, Cognitive Complexity, Pillow method. 


Essays should be at least 750 words in length


Cite at least one outside article.


Also cite at least three concepts from the first three chapters of the textbook, using page numbers for in-text citations.


Include in-text citations and a works cited / reference page in either MLA or APA format citing any sources you’ve referenced, including the textbook.

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