Cultural Ethnography Project


The cultural ethnography project is designed to help you explore an otherwise unfamiliar aspect of religious belief and practice. The purpose of this assignment is to learn, through personal experience and research, about a different faith tradition. You are to attend a formal gathering of a faith tradition different from your own and provide an ethnographic account of your experience. How you define “different” is up to you, as long as the denominational affiliation is distinct. For example, if you consider yourself a Baptist, you should not attend a different Baptist church from the one you currently attend. Consider all aspects of the experience: the architecture, the atmosphere, the music (or lack thereof), the attendees, etc. Consider developing some questions to discuss with a leader, though written sources are best. The paper should also provide a brief description of the tradition evidencing research from your textbook and at least one other source not from the Internet. The description should delineate the movement from other faith traditions and consider distinctions of the gathering you attend. More information about the assignment can be found on the course site in Canvas. The assignment length is 1500 words.

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