I’d like to get some help with the Results section of my dissertation. Attached you will find the interviews I took and based on these and using NVIVO software, I’d like you to write up the results of the NVIVO analysis.

Running NVIVO queries, please identify the following: patterns, themes, codes, nodes and please use APA tables of the NVIVO results.

Moreover, where needed, please use interview quotes to illustrate these results.

I’m also attaching the dissertation draft, so you can have a look and understand where the results section would fit in the whole project. Currently, there are 2 major themes that need to be illustrated:

1. Cultural confrontation: not uniform (depending on their level of interaction), but existing despite some pro-refugees claims. Not necessarily defining themselves with reference to others (Brief et al, 2005) but rather because of the presence of �the other�, the reference still being to their selves.

2. Social Identity: not changed, just rediscovered/reinforced ? depends how you look at it: a change exists which leads more to the conclusion of fluid collective identities rather than changing ones.

Hope these help and if you need any additional info, please

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