Cultural and Ethnic Studies

Each question need to be answered in a short paragraph.
1. Why is it important to study the Italian American experience, or any immigrant experience?
2. There have been 3 historical waves of immigration in the Italian diaspora. What distinguishes this era? Which of the three brought the largest number of immigrants in the USA? Why this happened?
3. Provide your short analysis of Christ in Concrete by Di Donato. Use at least one argument from the Mulas critical essay in From the Margin to support your statements.
4. There are Push and Pull Factors in the immigrant experience. Discuss broadly following four ( push: The first US industrial revolution in America in the early 1800’s centered on textiles, iron , steam , engine inventions including railroads. The industrial boom required labor; pull: the first Italian immigrants responded to the prospects of employment, increased wealth and a better standard of leaving in America; push: the great crop failures and famines of the 1840’ led to starvation, decease, and poverty in Italy; pull: immigrants emerged to the USA for better and brighter future)
5 . Explain how the us goverment purposefully tried to exclude immigrants . (Include in explanation following events: 1891- bureau of immigrants established under treasury department, 1821 quota act, 1950 the ground for deportation are expanded)

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