CS: 210 Integrated Projects
250 Points

Activity 1

Activity 2


Activity 3
(This activity uses the terminology “Prepare a Notice.” This means a flyer.)

Activity 4

Activity 5

Activity 6

Before completing the last part of Activity 6, copy the worksheet so that you have an identical version in the same workbook. This allows you to make the changes in the last paragraph of the directions shown below.

Activity 7

Activity 8

Activity 9

Activity 10

Activity 11

Activity 12

Activity 13

Tip: The next part of the activity begins by saying “Merge the TacomaSuppliers query.” This is asking you to complete a mail merge. The query is the data source.


When you are finished
Upload the following files to Canvas:

· Activity 1—ProjectAct01.docx

· Activity 2—ProjectAct02.docx

· Activity 3—ProjectAct03.docx

· Activity 4—ProjectAct04.docx

· Activity 5—ProjectAct05.docx

· Activity 6—ProjectAct06.xlsx

· Activity 7—ProjectAct07.xlsx

· Activity 8—ProjectAct08A.xlsx and ProjectAct08B.xlsx

· Activity 9—ProjectAct09.xlsx

· Activity 10—ProjectAct10.xlsx

· Activity 11—ProjectAct11.xlsx

· Activity 12—ProjectAct12.pptx

· Activity 13—ClassiqueCoffees.accdb, ProjectAct13.docx, and SmoothieLtrMD.docx.

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