Critically evaluate how you have used what you have learned during this module to support your personal/professional development and improve your business skills and performance. Include an analytical account of the independent personal / business development activities you have undertaken during the course of the

Write a reflective and analytical account of any personal or business related activities related to you during your time spent at TMS. This can include any artist, band, song writing, production, promotion or performance activities; any personal life activities; and/or any career – based plans and ideas that you have or are in the process of implementing.

During the process of writing your reflective statement you must use some of the business models and processes that we have discussed in class. There is no absolute number of models that you have to use but as a benchmark try to use at least three in the course of the 3000 word count.

Grading marks will increase for work that doesn’t just describe activities and models used, but rather evaluates with detail and constructively analyses them, offering conclusive actions and arguments as a
result of model implementation.

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