Topic: Critically discuss the role of the nurse in caring for a patient who is undergoing a total cystectomy and ileal conduit urinary diversion. Aim: This written assignment contributes to the development of evidence based practice in nursing through the provision of relevant nursing knowledge and research related to the module. The purpose of this assessment is to demonstrate the student’s ability to examine a pertinent area of nursing practice Assignment guidelines: The assignment requires you to discuss the role of the nurse in meeting the needs of a patient who is undergoing an ileal conduit formation. You need to briefly discuss the different types of urinary diversion, then discuss the psychological, educational and physical needs of the patient including stoma care and discharge planning. Support your discussion with recent, relevant literature over the year 2009. with 1500 word count, 10% over is alright. I have uploaded a file with the UCD Harvard style referencing guide, please follow this when referencing. I have also included the class lecture notes which can be relevant.

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