The name of the module is “Practicing social research”. The title of the assignment is: Critically assess the second research project examined by your tutorial group, focusing in particular, on its collection, analysis and use of qualitative data (in final reports, published papers or other outputs). Where appropriate you should support your own critical assessment by making reference to the original project data from the UK data archive”.

This assignment comprises 65% of the module. The word limit is 1,500 words. It must not surpass this amount otherwise I will be deducted marks. The deadline is next Friday (16.12.2016) at 12:30PM.

Although my degree is in Tourism, this module is designed to prepare us for the writing of our dissertation therefore it is not limited to the field of tourism but covers many disciplines within the social sciences. The research project that you must read and analyse is on climate change. I will upload all the necessary files including the research project, and other relevant material such as formatting requirements, lecture slides, marking criteria, reading list, module syllabus etc.

As far as I know, there is no limit to the amount of references I need to have so use as many as you can, but at least 5-6.

This is an emergency so please write to the best of your ability. I am looking for a first-class grade.

Thank you in advance, this is much appreciated!

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