Criminals or Victims?


Again, looking to the paper by Walklate (2016), she cites Fattah’s (2010) paper which asks:

Is their objective to measure those criminal victimizations that meet the legal
criteria set by the criminal code, or are they meant to measure the subjective
victimizations experienced by the respondents? These, needless to say, are two
different realities. 

First, I want you to explain (in your own words) what you think Fattah (2010) meant when posing this question. More specifically who is the “THEY” that Fattah is referring to in the question and what are the two different realities that exist as referred to by Fattah?

Second, I want to tell the class if you agree or disagree with the following statement/question and why you agree or disagree. Make certain to cite relevant sources to support your argument.


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