Each of you has a unique idea, so each letter’s content will differ. Each letter must include three major components: (1) formal business letter formatting that includes return address, addresses a titled, real person (within the company identified in the job ad at the beginning of the course), date, closing, enclosure signal, etc. (2) presentation of the business reasoning behind the major idea in the plan, including your qualifications as the incoming idea person, and (3) clear action that the reader of the letter can do as the next step. This letter has to show analysis – that is, it must do more than just recite information from the assignments already completed. Be careful not to repeat information already contained in the documents. Part of the purpose of analysis is to create useful information from piecemeal facts. This cover letter has to show that you have looked over your idea, isolated the most significant points, and have used those points to convince the audience to act. The letter is not a sales pitch. It must be a reasonable document that inspires action. See the readings on white papers for more information on what those business documents do. See the readings on business letters and formats for proper letter layout.

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