In observing justice in the courtroom, would you say that what you saw was the IDEAL of justice being DONE or the PROCESS of justice being MANAGED?

Make reference to specific cases and contrast and compare the outcomes to support your claims.

i went to courtroom 2 cases i just write the main things i can write you can add or fabric the other information

i uplaod alot of information like the refrence you should to use the 2 case from local court and you can fabric in District courtroom in sydney because we should to visit both court.
the subject area are both criminology and sociology.
and ist report so you can use supheading .

in this like you find the refrence style for this report
i will upload file name ( information) you should to use the recource there and there are statics you have to use or find statics .
and i will upload the 2 cases that i take a litile note about it in local
and you can fabrice visit to District courtroom because we shoild use both

Sociology Department Reference Guide
and i will upload lectures video record from the lecturer its very helpfull to understand the IDEAL of justice being DONE or the PROCESS of justice being MANAGED
this assesemnt worth 60% so please do all your best on it

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