Course: C39MT1 Management. Accounting Techniques & Decisions

This piece of coursework is designed to facilitate knowledge building, development of key employability skills and the opportunity to add to your CV.


The Learning Outcomes of the Task Include:


· Organising yourself into a group


· To organise and attend group meetings


· To develop team working and co-operation skills


· Work load distribution skills


· Conflict resolution


· To brainstorm with group members


· To develop research skills


· Report writing skills


· To develop your ability to think critically and creatively


· To further develop your understanding of the topic area


· To develop communication and discussion skills


Please note that plagiarism is an offence. All coursework where plagiarism is detected will be referred to the disciplinary committee for consideration. Please refer to your student handbook for information regarding the rules on this matter. It is the student’s responsibility to make themselves aware of and to adhere to the rules.

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