Context:For our Unit 3 Projects, we will turn towards social issues that affect society and particular discourse groups. We will “add to the conversation” about social change issues.


For this Project, you will bring your voice to your choice of a conversation on social change.  Make sure to choose an issue that you care about and/or want to learn more about.

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The Project Instructions: What is writing for social change?  For our purposes, writing for social change means addressing a problem – large or small.  You can discuss a change you want to make in yourself, in your former high school, in your community, at Northeastern, in our US society, or in our global society.  You will evaluate “rootcauses”and suggest action we can take to solve or alleviate the problem.  Your suggestions can be creative – they do not need to be completely realistic.  You will also target a specific audience for this Project.  Remember, you are “adding to the conversation;” you are not reporting on the conversation.  Here are the four main components of this Project:


1)      Why should your specific audience care about your issue?

2)      What are some “root causes” of the issue?  Why do you think that these causes explain the situation better than other suggested causes?  Or, why are these causes the most important causes to consider?

3)      What are your suggestions for change, and why would these changes be effective?

4)      What should your particular audience do in relation to your issue (3 and 4 may overlap)?


These writing areas are the main criteria for this Project:

  • *Writing to a particular audience
  • *Engaging in a more formal, scholarly writing process
  • *Evaluating sources and choosing sources (five sources to include)
  • *Interviews or a survey
  • *Examination and evaluation of underlying causes (also known as root causes) – multiple layers of asking ‘why?
  • Complexity: a creative and insightful discussion of your ideas that explores different facets of your topic
  • MLA in-texts citations and quote integration; bibliography
  • Synthesizing original ideas
  • Constructing a compelling argument and taking counterarguments into account
  • Cohesion and use of Transitions within and between paragraphs
  • *Ethos, Logos, and Pathos
  • “Voice,”Clarity, and Depth
  • Discussion of larger implications of your analysis for social justice issues, political issues, human nature (or nurture) issues, philosophical issues, etc

*Stars signal new writing areas in our course.


Length: 5-6pages, double spaced, in Times New Roman Font, with 1 inch margins.  Due Thursday, June 19.


Genres: Project, an Open Letter, an Op-Ed, your own Nonprofit proposal, see me if you have another idea


In additions: As always, I encourage creativity – you can write poetry, provide illustrations, use the ‘you’ form, etc.

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