Conflicting Viewpoint Essay Part 1

The following paper based on the certain issue of the believing game which resists the biases to provide reasons for opposing view from an own point of view (Elbow,2006).The issue of concern is “Should animal used for scientific testing.” By the believing game that animal can use for the testing purpose. The paper based on the study of believing and opposing arguments on the topic.

Approximately 26 million animals across the world are used for the scientific test. Animal testing is generally to ensure the safety of the animal product for human, develop the medical treatment. And other healthcare used. The fact of a scientific test of animal for life-saving which should be supported as no alternative method and may ways and some of animal s are very similar to human.

A scientific test of animal has a different opponents view. The first reason is testing animal only the cruelty of the animals. Cording to the view of opponents, other alternatives are available to research.Thirdly, It is an opposing reason that animals are different from human.

According to biomedical research association, since past 100 years, the animal testing very helpful to save human life.For example, a test of hepatitis C in chimpanzees was succeeded to save a more human life.If the test is happening to save human life, there shouldn’t be any offense.

Firstly, it should ensure animal life will be saved after testing and less harm after the test.If there is an alternative source for testing, scientists will not use an animal.

The scientific test is base on purpose to save our lives, not for any commercial benefits.If animal testing is a purpose for commercial benefit, then it is ethically and morally wrong as a human being.



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