Conduct an original research project in one of the following topic areas. For reference purposes and review, these key homeland security areas and sub-disciplines can be reviewed at the U. S. Department of Homeland Security website.

Topics • Border security activities and programs in protecting America (See Department of Homeland Security | Border Security) Once a topic area has been selected, formulate a research question and supporting hypotheses for approval by the instructor at the conclusion of Week One.

The Department of Homeland Security’s role in border protection over the last two decades has become more prominent but has also become more effective.

Having secure borders that prevent not only illegal persons from entering the United States and remaining here but also those that bring with them weapons and drugs which may attract further crime. Research Question What problems can be reduced or eliminated by securing the south west border of the US through strict punishment and enforcement?

Use your approved research questions and hypotheses to develop research variables and a literature review for submission during Week Two. During Week Three, Four and Five, conduct research and write a research paper that is between eight pages in length (excluding the title and reference page) and includes the following basic structure. 1. Identify a key issue and explain the supporting research question in Homeland Security and Emergency Management. (1 page)

2. State one research hypothesis that may answer the research question. You may use one that you formulated for Week One assignment, “Research Project Prep.” (1 page) 3. Establish research variables for analysis and subsequent confirmation or refute of the research hypothesis. (roughly 1-2 pages) 4. Present results of research informing the proposed research variables. This research must be supported by at least eight legitimate academic resources, five of which can be found in the Ashford Online Library. The course textbook will not be considered for the resource requirement.

(2 to 3 pages) 5. Analyze the research question and supporting hypothesis. (1-2 pages) 6. Construct a conclusion of research (results and answer of the research). (1-2 pages) 7. Include a reference page, which does not count towards the summative assignment’s page total. The reference page should be as long as needed to accurately account for all utilized research materials. Each item of the reference page should be in APA format and include where the reference was located (i.e., Ashford Online Library, Internet, etc.). The Capstone Research Project must be at least eight pages in length.

You must use at least eight scholarly resources, other than the course textbook, to support your thesis. At least five of these resources must come from the Ashford Online Library. All sources must be properly cited in text as well as on the reference page. The Capstone Research Project must be formatted according to APA (6th edition) style. If you would like to refer to APA samples and tutorials, review the APA Checklist within the Ashford Writing Center, located in the Learning Resources tab in the left navigation bar.

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