Concepts in Critical Thinking

1. Briefly identify these ” Concepts in Critical Thinking “, as presented in your first assignment. Working from the premise that one of your siblings is in need of a


kidney transplant, identify and/or explain the following.


a) What is the Issue of consideration?


b) Relevant Information: data, facts, observations, concerns to decision making


c) Theories, laws, principles involved in the decision making


d) Points of view, perspectives associated with decision


e) Assumptions, presuppositions, things taken for granted


f) Consequences, implications, complications possible


2. Please define Bioethics as you understand it thus far from coursework.


3. There are several theories involved with ethical decision making. Briefly describe how


‘Deontological’ and ‘Consequentialism’ theories differ.


4. Please list the four main components involved in a Bioethical Analysis as the one


addressed in our first class assignment and briefly describe each.


5. Please identify the four main areas of influence in the diagram for Moral Problem


Solving we examined and briefly describe them. (Cardinal Directions).


6. Likewise, please identify the four main concepts or theories of influence in the diagram


for Knowledge Acquisition, and briefly describe them.


7. Please explain your understanding of the meaning of perspective and briefly explain


why it has relevance when discussing bioethical issues.


8. There are four models of Intervention related to the responsibility of the scientist or


practitioner. Please choose one of the following and explain it: Total intervention, No


intervention, Limited intervention, and Directed intervention .


9. With regard to characteristics of technology, please describe your understanding of the concept of Manipulation and how this concept could pose a threat to us as a


predominately autonomous society.


10. Please explain the four elements or components of informed consent. (Patient




1. Competence


2. Disclosure


3. Comprehension


4. Voluntariness

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