Computer sciences and Information technology application architecture

Project description
Application Architecture Assignment

Microsoft has developed an application architecture for developing applications with .NET.

Describe this architecture and illustrate your description with examples from the Redsoft case study. I am only expecting you to use Redsoft to provide examples, I do not expect a complete design of the Redsoft system.

Discuss the concepts of coupling and cohesion and how these concepts relate to Microsoft’s application architecture and in particular to the new ‘Entity Framework’. Use examples from Redsoft to illustrate your answer

Grading Criteria Name:

o Description of the architecture with
o relevant illustrative examples from the Redsoft case study
o General explanation of
o coupling and
o cohesion
o Explanation of
o coupling and
o cohesion
o with examples from the Microsoft application architecture recommendations
o and from Redsoft.
o Ideas from further reading and resear

RedSoft is case study that I develop web application for it in my first assignment I will attach the case and my solution

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