Computers  in Education

A public ISD elementary school in your neighborhood has received a grant to create a computer lab with Internet access so that students can learn about computers and related technologies. You need to determine the best configuration for setting up a lab with laptops/desktop computers and peripherals for a class of 18 elementary school students and one teacher. Ipad’s are not within the Budget. The specifics of the Project are:

1. Research whether a Mac or PC is more beneficial

  • Enumerating pros and cons of your choice of computers,
  • Pros and Cons of Macs and
  • Pros and Cons of PC’s.

2. Research the application software that should be installed on these computers appropriate for elementary school students

  • Details of all the application software giving specific names/titles o how will each software benefit the students

3. Which peripheral devices should be attached to these computers?

  • How many will be required to set up the computer lab… ex.Printers, Digital
    cameras, Mics, Speakers, any learning devices ……
  • Give technical details of all peripherals suggested. 

4. A class of 18 might have about 3-4 special needs kids. Plan for at least three kinds of special needs requirement (ex Autism, Vision impaired, Hearing disability, ADHD…)

  • the software required to be purchased for special needs students o the hardware required to be purchased for special needs students

Compile all your findings in a PowerPoint Presentation . Please cover all the points mentioned above in detail. 


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