I have project (Comprehensive Literature Review project) � final report + Reflection

The topic is Research – Information Literacy research of Annmaree Lloyd

Annmaree Lloyd: has profile in google which https://anniemlloyd.com/

The important points:

1- I have done the project brief (Plan) you have to have a look on this to do the report. �find the (project brief (plan) + feedback from supervisor) �attached.

2- I have done the annotated bibliography + search strategy �please find (annotated bibliography + Feedback)� attached. Please see the feedback from supervisor and work on it.

3- I want you to write final report + Reflection maximum 10000 words by following the structure (requirements) �find the (structure + criteria) file attached.

Note: you have to follow the brief any change is unacceptable. Please follow the brief.

The words limited is 10000 words or less NO MORE

4- No plagiarism.

5- APA Style.

6- I have collected the articles (Lloyd�s publications) �find it in Drobox.https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gy6940e69v8m8wy/AABuloBCzn3FNmLs3cCbgzXPa?dl=0

Note: if you need to use other articles by Lloyd that I did not download, you can use.

Note: I do not have time please work on all feedback and requairments .

Please do your best. And work in follow same structure and feedback that you have done with Bruce�s report.

Note: Do not forget to use other authors in the field of IL (not Lloyd).

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