A case study is a detailed story about something unique, special, or interesting. It should have a problem for the readers to solve by providing enough information so they can understand the problem, analyze the options, and devise a solution. For this assignment, you will write a case study about one incident, individual, or organization that you feel demonstrates the best practices of digital forensics.




In this assignment:


  • Identify an individual, issue, or organization about which you will write your case study. If you are unable to find your own, consider one from the following site:
    New York Computer Forensics. (n.d.). About NYCF. Retrieved from http://www.newyorkcomputerforensics.com/learn/resources.php#intel
  • Write a 3- to 5-page Microsoft Word document, in which you:
    • Identify the facts surrounding the case, evaluating the biggest strengths in the organization’s practices.
    • Identify the key issue or issues identified in the case study.
    • Explain and evaluate the ways in which the key issues were addressed and ultimately resolved in the case study.
    • Justify whether the issues and actions taken in the case study are relevant to you and/or your organization.
    • Recommend the best course of action.

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