This essay needs to be 300-500 words (not more than 500, though). The essay needs to identify two characters specific leadership characteristics/style, and explain how their leadership affected their unit. This can be either how they helped or harmed their unit. It needs to be in 12 point Times New Roman format. An additional source may be used to help further identify character strengths/weaknesses, but specific instances must be from within the pages of, “Black Hearts”. In total the essay should have the following: 1. Opening paragraph consisting of 4-6 sentences.
2. 5-8 sentence body paragraph detailing the following: characters identified, leadership style/characteristics, specific events that helped/diminished the overall unit, and what they could have/should have done differently.
3. 4-6 sentence conclusion paragraph covering lessons learned/takeaways from the book/characters.
4. Reference page following APA guidelines. Preferably use,”Black Hearts” and one additional source.

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