Prepare a PowerPoint presentation which compares terrorist behavior to criminal behavior. Focus on the differences in motivation, ideology and culture behind the terrorist, as well as the ordinary criminal. What motivates the terrorist? Identify at least three causes and motivations of terrorists. Explain the differences between religious and political terrorism. What motivates other criminal behavior, such as a murderer, a burglar, con artist, drug dealer, etc.? How can culture impact ones behavior and motivation? Provide examples to support your findings.

Your presentation should consist of no less than five slides, excluding the title slide and references slide. Thus, a proper presentation should have a total of 7 slides at a minimum. Below is a suggested format for your presentation to help you get started.

Suggested Presentation Format:

Cover slide What are the causes and motivations of the terrorist? (1 slide) What are the motivations of the ordinary violent criminal? (1 slide) Examples of terrorists and their motivations; ordinary criminals and their motivations. (1 slide) Explain the differences between religious and political terrorism (1-2 slide) Discuss the cultural aspects that influence terrorists and criminal behavior (1-2 slide) Reference slide(s)

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