Compare Mary Rowlandson and Anne Bradstreet readings, and compare and contrast the texts along thematic lines. This paper will require secondary research, and will be 5-7 pages long. APA FORMAT.  You can use Block Quotes, make sure you cite , and use in text citations.  5-7 sources (including the primary sources ) You will need to establish your framework and then compare the two texts from that perspective.




A comparative essay considers two texts together. For your essay to be effective, there needs to be some “point of comparison.” Example: They might both be stories about death or you want to consider the two female protagonists together.




That is, the texts need to be similar enough to warrant a comparison.  So part of your argument will be taken up with connecting the texts, drawing out their similarities. 




After you’ve laid out the grounds for comparison in your introduction, build your paper. There are two ways to build a comparison/contrast paper.   Example: The paper will be much better if you explain one idea: the relationship between voice and power, alienation from one’s work, or double consciousness. Then show how the idea works out in the text you have chosen. Choose sources that help you explain your theoretical frame, or that show how other critical have used this frame to analyze this text.

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