Plaintiff: Bernard, Charleen and Damien

Defendant: Alan

Plaintiffs want to sue Defendant for breach of agreement respectively. Whether they succeed or not depends on the formation in each case. 

If succeed, they might be give compensation. 


a) Define Contract by Professor Mckendrick

b) Formation of contract required 7 elements:

Offer, Acceptance, Consideration, ITCLR, Capacity, Vitiating factor, Illegatity

c) Define Offer by Professor Treitel

d) Define Acceptance by Professor Atiyah

e) Define ITCLR by Professor Chen-Wishart

f) Define Capacity


Charleen's Case

1 ) Gave $20 to Alan to purchase his textbook

      Probably minor because she still completing her O level

1a) Similar to case of Nash v Inman

1b) Brief facts of Nash v Inman

1c) Main principle of Nash v Inman

1d) Own analysis about Nash v Inman

2) Charleen is Alan's sister. 

     Not ITCLR, under social/domestic relationship

2a) Similar to case of Jones v Paddavaton

2b) Brief facts of Jones v Paddavaton

2c) Main principle of Jones v Paddavaton

2d) Own analysis about Jones v Paddavaton

Bernard's Case

1) Seems like friendship scenario just like above.

     Made a counter offer of $150, destroy original offer

1a) Similar to case of Hyde v Wrench

1b) Brief facts of Hyde v Wrench

1c) Main principle of Hyde v Wrench

1d) Own analysis about Hyde v Wrench

Damien's Case

1) He messaged Alan but no response, not positive acceptance.

1a) Similar to case of Harvey v Facey

1b) Brief facts of Harvey v Facey

1c) Main principle of Harvey v Facey

1d) Own analysis about Harvey v Facey


Charleen's Case

Bernard's Case

Damien's Case

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ABR)

a) Define Dispute Resolution

b) Define Mediation and Arbitration 

c) Advantages and Disadvantages of ABR

d) Venue to solve ABR in Singapore

      Example : Small Claims Tribunal in State Court and Singapore Mediation Centre

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