Collecting Quantitative Data

To prepare:
Review this week’s media presentation and consider Dr. Pothoff’s comments on sampling.
Recall the research problem, question, and hypothesis you developed in Week 2’s Discussion. With this in mind, ask yourself: What population is most relevant, and accessible, for exploring my research problem?
Consider how you could reach this target population to gather data. What are some challenges you might encounter?
Determine a data collection approach for your target population. Develop an informed rationale for selecting that approach.
By Day 3
Post a cohesive response that addresses the following questions:
What are the researchable populations in your area of practice? Which would be most appropriate for use in your research study?
What are the challenges of obtaining a sample from this population? How could you address those challenges?
What approach would you use to collect data from the sample? Provide a rationale for the approach you choose based on this week’s Learning Resources.

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