Climate Change and its effects on National Security

So far in this semester you have developed a research question and written a literature review. This literature review summarizes what is already known (from prior research) about your research topic or question. The objective of this part of our semester long Researcher’s Notebook project is to outline and write a proposed research plan that, if implemented, would produce the data or information necessary to actually answer your research question. You will not actually implement this research plan. There is not enough time in a single semester to actually go out and collect data. The following steps will help you with this assignment.
Revisit your research question.
Now that you know more about your topic than you did a few months ago, you are in a better position to ask a more detailed or intelligent research question. At the very least you have a better understanding of the critical issues and key concepts associated with your research topic. Perhaps you know more about this topic than anybody you know. 

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