We are using the SNIFF and our product is the flying taxi. Each of us will evaluate the product using one piece of the SNIFF model.


Strategy – Chandra


Need – Annie


Impact – Nyla


Feasibility – Bryan


Feel – David


  • Your submission needs to be 300-350 words. Please put it in GCU format. Include at least one in-text citation and the reference in GCU format.
  • Read #2 of the CLC assignment for guidance. Describe what your part of SNIFF is for and then apply that standard to the flying taxi and describe your results.
  • I will write the summary of ideas noted in #1 of the CLC assignment based on what everyone already submitted.
  • I will look ahead to week six and derive a plan for the next part of the CLC in week six. See item #3 below.

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