The Classical Brigade System vs. Modern Brigade System

OVERVIEW: This exercise allows students to navigate through the Cybrary on their computers and familiarize themselves with researching and supporting their data with basic APA formatting. This project should relate the Classical Brigade System, beginning in the mid 1700’s by a collaboration of Chef’s finishing with the work of Auguste Escoffier’s codification. Comparing this classical data with how the modern system is used in today’s industry in different facets of the industry.
LEARNING OUTCOME: Students should be able to compare the functionality and operations of the Classical Brigade System and how that formal, disciplined system applies in today’s work force. Is the Brigade System alive and well today? or has it developed into more contemporary version?
1. Explain the Classical Brigade System.
2. Through group feedback (break students up into groups of 4), have them interpret, either through their own experiences or their own version of what the Modern Brigade System means and its structure and functions.
3. The research should include use of the Cybrary with several sources being sighted and referenced in APA format for homework and a second classroom discussion. Should it still be called the Brigade System? What similarities and differences are there, if any?
4. Give examples of what a modern day Classical Brigade system might consist of.
5. Are the Chef Di Parte’s the same as they were 250 years ago?

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