Class Assignments for Week 6
You are to write a “4-MAT Review” of Koenig’s (2006), In the Wake of Disaster: Religious Responses to Terrorism and Catastrophe. Address each of the four separate areas, all of which are to be identified as Level 1 Headings-

Summary (Maximum of 500 words)
Following the listing of the name of the book, author, publisher and publication date, the student provides a comprehensive, concise summary of the major points of the book.
Personal opinion on the content of the book is written by the student.

Concrete Responses (Maximum of 250 words)
Student responds with a specific discussion of a personal life traumatic episode that this book triggered in the student’s memory per instructions.

Reflection (Maximum of 250 words)
New, thought-provoking questions are posed regarding the content of the text.
Positives and negatives of the book are discussed.
Action (Maximum of 200 words)
Details are included concerning how this information affects the student’s outlook as a counselor and caregiver.
There is a description that indicates how the student can better establish the rationale for faith-based programs in support of military members and their families.
Follow APA format, which includes a title page, running head, etc. Abstract not required. Use the APA Template provided.

Dees, R. F. (2011). Resilient warriors: The resilience trilogy. San Diego, CA: Creative Team Publishing. Read Chap 8

Dees, R. F. (2012). Resilient warriors: Advanced study guide. San Diego, CA: Creative Team Publishing. Read Chap 8

Koenig, H. G. (2006). In the wake of disaster: Religious responses to terrorism and catastrophe. West Conshohocken, PA: Templeton Press. ISBN: 9781932031997. Read Chaps 6-10

Bouncing Back AFTER Trauma
Helping Self and Others Reengage

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