CJL230 Reflection Paper

II. Reflection Papers (100 points)


There will be two (2) reflection papers. Each paper is worth 50 points. Reflection papers


should be at least five-pages (no more than seven) which will be based on materials


covered in class as well as information gathered from media sources on your own outside


of class. Please use/cite any ancillary material in your chapter course content folders that


applies to your topic. You will choose the topic of your papers from class readings and find


corresponding media portrayals on the same topic (i.e., TV shows and/or news stories).


These assignments will be due by midnight on the due date (see the course schedule).


You will then use information from media sources to either compare and/or contrast what


you have learned in class. Papers should include:


1. An introduction including your initial thesis statement. This introduction should


also include a brief summary and description of concepts considered from textbook


readings and in the corresponding media source(s).


2. Then include a discussion of how concepts from both sources are in support of or


in contradiction to one another.


3. The concluding section should include a reflection question and your answer.


You know what you have learned if this reflection could carry your interest further


than this assignment and be more informed than your initial thesis statement.

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