You are in charge of Emergency Management for all regional Homeland Security efforts.  Information has just been received from the FBI regarding an “imminent terrorist attack on a regional power plant.” It is your responsibility to devise a plan to address this threat.  The Governor of your respective city has instructed you to prepare a presentation on how you plan to prepare for this situation.


You are instructed to prepare a presentation in Microsoft Power Point format regarding your plan to address this threat.  You will choose a commercial shopping facility in or near your hometown and address this threat by putting a plan together.  The plan will be a general plan for how first responders will attempt to prevent, deter, respond to and recover from an incident at your selected location.  Each presentation will contain information from every module…relevant to your specific location.  Photographs, Maps, Charts all can be utilized in the presentation.  Ensure the presentation has an Introduction, a Discussion (Plan), and a conclusion (follow up).  The target audience for your presentation will be the Governor and his advisors.

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