In this essay, I want you to synthesize everything you have learned in this class and use this information to write a sophisticated essay about what you think a more sustainable New York City would look like. You have two options:

1. Freeform: if you feel very comfortable writing essays, you may craft this response as you see best. You must cover the material we have gone through in class and must be specific about one or more proposals to advance sustainability in NYC.

2. Structured: Follow the outline I have provided.

Page requirements: Four single spaced pages. This is required and any attempt to fill in space will be detected and penalized.

Reference requirements: A minimum of four assigned readings (readings — not lectures), plus as many additional sources as you would like. You must cite properly. It is up to you to learn how to do this task. You can consult this page if you need guidance on the Chicago style, but you can choose any style you wish.

Tips for writing a good essay are attached.

Files I uploaded are PDF that can be converted in to MS WORD DOC , if you have can not open the attachments contact me and I can send the MS WORD version

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