Chipotle Information Systems (TPS, POS, etc)

Paper instructions:
4-5 page Word report on Chipotle Information Systems (TPS, POS, etc) with 4+ fully cited references prepared in MLA format.

Research current relevant IT articles in the news.  Look for specific examples of companies/organizations, browse info systems vendor websites, interview people who work with the systems you are describing, etc.

Report format suggestions:  You may use 3-4 subheadings in your report to break up your material into sections if appropriate (such as Introduction, Description of Technology, Specific Case Study Example, Interview, Conclusion).

A good paragraph length for readability is around 100-150 words (5+ sentences) and you can have several for each section of your report.

Please address the following in your paper:

1.  Intro (why did you pick this topic?)?

2.  Description of technology & names of systems they use? (general & vendor names)

3.  What does it ‘do’?  How does the info system fit into the entire organization where used (e.g., company + branches)?

4.  Specific real-world example of company/organization.  Interview an employee & cite on Works Cited page.

5.  What did you find out from your interview with an employee/manager there??

6.  Your conclusion, suggestions, recommendations, observations, etc.?

7.  4 or more references listed in Works Cited page, properly cited in MLA format on last page, arranged in alpha order by author.

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