Cognitive Development – Assignment Piaget’s theory of cognitive development has been very influential in how we think about the development of thinking. One mistake that adults often make is to assume that a child can think about things in the same way that he or she does. Knowing how a child might think can allow an adult to communicate more effectively with a child. You are to try to find 2 different children to conduct your ‘experiment’ on. The age of the child, will determine what experiment you will perform. The child is to be observed on at least two occasions (if possible), according to the criteria stated below. Our goal is to have a variety of children observed in the different stages in order to make a valid conclusion.


Work with children who are in the Sensorimotor Stage (Birth – 2 years old) – you will be testing the child for object permanence. How old is the child? What is the sex of the child? Play with a toy with the child and then hide it. What is the child’s reaction?


Write up your observations and findings. Share how your observations are in agreement or dispute current literature on this age groups’ cognitive skills.

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