Subject Area: Child and Nature


? Examine sustainable social work practice with children and the natural world
? Identify ways to engage children and families with the natural world
? Demonstrate knowledge of the impact of the natural world on children?s physical and mental health
? Apply intervention strategies for integrating concepts of ecological social work practice
? Expand the traditional definition of ?Person in Environment? to include the natural world

This assignment allows students the opportunity to develop strategies to incorporate concepts of ecological social work into their practice. Choosing an age group (early childhood, middle childhood, adolescents) conduct a literature review about social work practice and sustainability) in relation to your chosen age group. Create a practice protocol that could be incorporated into your future practice (at a school, youth drop in centre, children?s services, and hospital).

1) Introduction ? what age group did you chose and why, what area of practice, you chose and why. Plan for the paper
2) Review of pertinent literature. Select 2-3 peer reviewed articles addressing your chosen area of practice. Summarize the findings
3) Explain how you could use this information to implement a new practice protocol. Describe the protocol and discuss the benefits (use literature to support) Discuss potential barriers and risks

Note: I choose adolescents and talk about the wilderness therapy
Please make sure you fulfil all the requirements.

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