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Please refer to all the documents that I have uploaded and follow/read the instruction carefully and correctly. ABSOULETLY NO PLAGIARIM IS ALLOWED. You can use quotes to support your evidence, idea, fact, and opinion. Make sure to write in your own words. Please make sure that the flow of sentence must be great. Please write a detailed, creative, interesting, and strong essay on the following topic with great thesis statement and interesting title. Thesis statement must be argumentative, creative, interesting, debatable, well-expressed (It must show what you are going to write about in the following body paragraphs), and thoughtful. Please write as much credible, correct, and interesting information/fact about the following prompt as possible.

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Individual Paper!
Over the last seven weeks, we have engaged a series of questions having to do with excavating the building blocks of modern/colonial policing in relationship to the origins of racism, coloniality of power, settler colonialism and white supremacy. These are asked by activists, organizers thinkers, and other situated knowledge positions who are thinking through the following: Are prisons obsolete? Are such institutions like the police obsolete? How do we understand the role of racial/gendered violence and the law? What are the methodologies used to further the line between the human and the sub-human/non-human? What is the relationship between racial violence, concepts of whiteness as property, and citizenship in the formation of a Mexican American subject? And how does studying historical moments by which the criminalization of Mexican/Mexican Americans/Chicanxs appear to serve to undermine the very logic(s) that give them meaning?

For your assignment, write a “thought piece” that engages these conversations and questions. Obviously in such a short paper, I expect you to be as precise and sharp in your analysis. That is to say, go straight into one of the topics, themes, questions that emerged as significant to you. Be in conversation with the authors, the topics, your classmates and communities, and myself. What question(s) emerge from your engagement with these authors and topics that you want to answer or speak to? Use proper citation of the materials and lectures. You do not need to do further research or bring in other resources.

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