The grading rubric for Chapter IV follows:
Data Analysis Plan (10 points)
Preliminary Results (Baseline, Pre-intervention) (15 points)
Sample size (include those approached, number declined and why, number completing intervention phase and those that dropped out. Response rate to surveys or questionnaires. Total numbers included in data analysis. Can use a patient flow chart and narrative. (10 points)
Demographic (Present in tabular and narrative format. Use descriptive statistics such as frequency, percents. If needing to compare between two groups determine best statistical method based on test assumptions). (15 points)
Findings (Outline findings post intervention or throughout the intervention. Present only the results not interpretation. Use tabular and narrative formats). (20 points)
Tables and Figures (Follow APA style and the SLU Graduate Standards for Theses and Dissertations). Tables have columns and rows that contain numbers or text. Figures are flowcharts, diagrams, models. (20 points)
Writing style including grammar, spelling, and APA style. (10 points)

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