CASE STUDY: U. S. Stroller: Lean (see attachement bellow) Discussion Questions:  

4 full pages minimum 

1-How would you describe the current situation facing U. S. Stroller?  

2-What are the pro’s and con’s of the options presented in the case? 

 3-What will be the impact of these options on the MRP system currently in use?  

4-What option do you recommend and why?  

Paper must be in APA format; do not forget a full cover page.  

Introduction required!! (what the paper will be about with thesis) 

Summary required!!! (summarize the case study at the beginning of the paper. 

Conclusion required!!!.  

Clearly cite your references in the text and list them all on the reference page include where it was retrieved from (copy and paste the website or url). 


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