Case Study Report on JB Hi-Fi Limited



Write a report on JB Hi-Fi Limited on which you conducted ratio analysis to prepare for quiz. You will identify aspects and characteristics of the company that make up the structure of corporate governance, and calculate and analyse the risk and return for the company.

1. Follow the Assessment 2 Guidelines for all the questions and for you to prepare the report.
2. Word Count: 2000 words excluding tables and graphs
3. Use Assessment 2 Example Woodside as the template, and use the template to write the report for JB HI-Fi Limited (include all the tables and graphs from Assessment 2 Example Woodise)
4. Your report must include: 
o A brief introduction of the company (name, sector/industry, code, what the company does).
o All information outlined in the Assessment 2 Guidelines (include all the tables and graphs from Assessment 2 Example Woodise for JB HI-Fi Limited)
o Appropriate reference list
Attached some module materials and articles for your reference

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