This assignment is basically in three parts. Write your paper in the 3 parts indicated:

PART 1: Verify what your major interests are, and what careers might best fit those interests. Use the information you got from the “Exploring Majors” and “Research Your Career” activities in Week 3, especially an investigation of the various careers available.

PART 2: Based on your career interests, research at least three jobs using the resources of Career Zone, and/or the Internet links suggested on the Library Career Management Subject Guide pages. The first job should be an entry-level job you can get right after graduation. The second job might be a job you would be ready for in five years after graduation, and the third job is your “ideal” job.
Include the job postings.

PART 3: Reflect on your career goals and the specific jobs you found. Develop a career assessment plan that does the following:

Identify the knowledge, skills, and abilities you possess which you believe would interest an employer.

1.    Identify both your short-term (3-5 years out) and long-term career goals. Give details on the specific jobs that you might target right after graduation, within five years after graduation, and your “ideal” job.

2.    Given your career goals in light of your current knowledge, skills, and abilities, identify the specific action steps you believe are needed to achieve both your short and long-term goals. Provide a proposed timeline for implementing these steps.

Suggestions for organizing your Career Assessment:

Start with the research on the three jobs that outline your future goals (entry-level job after graduation, 5-years-out job, ideal job). Include the 3 job postings in your paper

§  Analyze your gaps for achieving these goals – what is it that you will need to gain in order to get the entry-level job? How will you do this? What will you gain during the entry-level job that will get you the 5-years-out job? What additional skills will you have to hone (through additional education, additional workshops, life experiences, etc.)? What do you need to have/do in order to get your ideal job?

§  Use the research for the three positions to guide you in your analysis (ie. use responsibilities in job descriptions to identify your gaps and then discuss how you will fill them).

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