Write a 1,300- to 1,800-word paper addressing the following:


  • Describe the Framingham Heart Study. How does this help us to understand the risk factors involved in cardiovascular disease?


  • Describe the Type A and Type B personalities, as described by Friedman and Rosenman. How has research on personality and heart disease been expanded and refined in the past 20 years?


  • Describe the strategies that can help minimize the effects of personality and behavior on cardiovascular disease.


  • Describe the role of hostility and how it affects the development of cardiovascular disease.


  • Seligman has done extensive research on the concept of optimism and positivity as it relates to heart disease. Research and discuss some of his major findings. If optimism is an important factor, how can it be learned?


  • Describe the metabolic syndrome. How do these factors lead to increased risk for developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes?

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