Subject Nursing
Topic Capstone Exploration
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This assignment will aid you in your exploration of your capstone project by allowing you to brainstorm and research an area of nursing you may be interested in. This assignment is not a commitment to your capstone project.
What is a Capstone Project in Nursing?
A capstone project is a direct patient-care experience focusing on an area of scholarship or leadership in nursing which takes place in your graduating semester at . It is designe school do to allow you the opportunity to implement a leadership or change project using evidenced-based research while demonstrating your synthesis of the baccalaureate level competencies. The capstone project will be outside your normal scope of practice, but it can be completed with a qualified preceptor where you are already working.
What is the objective of this assignment?
Since a capstone project is a large undertaking in your graduating semester, it is important to begin thinking about it now. Exploring an area of nursing takes proper planning and preparation and this assignment will aid you in this step by brainstorming (quickly jotting down ideas in a freethinking manner), researching and answering questions based on your choices.
What should I consider when brainstorming areas of nursing for my capstone project?
You should consider how the areas of nursing you explore support your transition into baccalaureate nursing, how they can help drive your focus in your career choice and most importantly, how they can support you in a role of leadership and scholarship. Additionally, also consider the four questions below the table you will need to answer once you have completed it.
For example, if you are interested in working on reducing the rate of readmissions in your unit, in collaboration with your quality improvement team, you could list this in the brainstorming area. Then, keep this in mind as your progress in the program. A thread of this topic could be addressed when you complete your NUR 320 Health Promotion patient education brochure. Your NUR 330 Concept Map assignment could be on one of the diagnoses that has a high rate of readmissions. In NUR 400, the evidenced based topic you research can include these threads in research question. Finally, in NUR 420, when you confirm your preceptor and goals for NUR 480, you can utilize all of the building blocks of these assignments to implement a change project. While you don%u0432%u0402%u2122t have to make sure all of these assignments connect, doing so is one option to make your workload a little easie

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