Take the case of the Garment or Textile Industry in Bangladesh (Textown), to make a thorough assessment of the sustainability factor as a policy measure, from a human rights perspective. You need to trace the historical antecedents of the organisation, with a prime focus on the present sustainability aspect or management of the organisation. The study should also include the organisation’s future in terms of sustainable planning and management, by addressing the following questions  :


– Assess the different facets of sustainability with special reference to business in the context of global challenges


– Appraise and develop organisational strategies that are sustainable in the long-term


– Integrate the sustainable processes with strategic business planning and management


– Assess the impact of the (long-term) sustainable process on supply chain (management) operations.


Explain the process of integration with the help of existing models relevant to the garment industry  [2000 Words]


Analyse the effect of sustainability on Supply Chain management operations in the context of the chosen case study  [2000 Words]


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