Business Plan – Part II
Using the business plan outline and samples provided in the Allen text, you will submit an original business plan for a business (Pearl’s Elegant Hair & Nail Spa). The second part of the business plan will include the following as headings:

•    Cover page
•    Executive Summary
•    Table of Contents
•    Marketing Plan
•    Financial Plan
•    Growth Plan
•    Contingency Plan
•    Harvest Strategy
•    Timeline to Launch
•    Bibliography
•    Appendices

Business Plan – Part II must be 13–15 pages in length, written in APA format (cover page, headings, margins, font size, grammar). The page length does not include appendices, reference pages, cover page or table of contents.  All work has to be original work, with scholarly references, cited within the business plan and on the appendices page.  NO PLAGARISM AT ALL.  Please DO NOT COPY SOMEONE ELSE’S WORK.

An outline is attached for you (please make sure to zoom in).  Please start at the part where it states Marketing Plan.

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