Business Law (Legal And Ethical)

A global company, by definition, will have workers in different countries. It is to be expected that there will be differences—different countries have different laws regulating how many hours workers can work, minimum required age for employment, and wages. A challenge that frequently comes up for managers in a global company is how to navigate the ethical questions that arise.


Case Example: You are the CEO of WeGlobal, Inc., a large company interested in expanding globally. One country you consider expanding into routinely employs children as young as 6 years old and often pays workers a salary of $1 a day. In that country, this is not illegal because there are no child labor laws and $1 a day is the average rate of pay for local workers in your industry. Additionally, by expanding, you know you can keep prices low for consumers and make a large profit for your company. Should you expand into this country? Choose a position, and discuss the following:


  • FOR argument: Would you be for expanding into this country? Why? How is expanding into this country an ethical decision?  
  • AGAINST argument: Would you be against expanding into this country? Why? How is refraining from expanding into this country a wise business decision?

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